Middle School Basketball – Girls Championships

The championship game was the season’s matchup for girls’ middle school basketball. The two teams played a week and a half prior, with both teams being one and two of the seeding. MD Roberts won over Babb in the regular season. However, the championship game seems to be a different atmosphere altogether. In the first half, Babb was up 10-2 over MD Roberts with 8:05 left. The score was 16-8 Babb by halftime, as both teams tried to find their rhythm. MD Robert’s point guard was injured late in the first half causing MD Roberts to adjust their offense. Both teams seem to ignite from the locker room because the score was 22-20, with 6:40 left in the second half. However, Babb could successfully make their free throws shots and step up their pace. Babb Lady Bulldogs began to pull away, and MD Roberts did not have an answer for them. Babb Lady Bulldogs won 37-26 over MD Roberts.

Middle School Basketball – Girls County Champions – Babb Middle School


Babb Middle School – Girls County Champions

Head Coach: Veronica Lee

Athletic Director: Jeffery Adams

Principal: Brenda Ross-Wilson

Mikayla Dunston #5
Kennedy White #10
Janessa Butler #3
Kayla Mainor #24
Anastasia Fites #35
Imani Osby #1
Jaya Robinson #4
La’Kivia Grier #2
Aaliyah Kellman #42
Kamiya Woods #13


MD Roberts Middle School – Girls County Runner-ups

Athletic Director & Head Coach: Jill Toler

Principal: Sara Stephens

1- Naisylvia Pringle
2- London Jones
3- Kimiyah Fould
4- Amani Robinson
5- Calleigh Winston
10 – Dalleni Cable
12 – Temperance Wilder
13 – Clinique Holmes
14 – Kamorah Davis
15 – Joyecyia Brown
20 – Jakaila Lang
21 – Richlan Lang
22 – Kaitlyn Reeves
23 – Aisha Rials
24 – Taylor Cannon