Football Media Day 2019


(Picture: Head Coaches from Left to right: Gerren Griffin (FPHS); Derrick Smith (Asst. Coach, LHS); Steve Robinson (CDHS); Edgar Carson (LHS); Dwayne Davis (MMHS); Jerome Weaks (MHS); Rodney Hackney (RHS); Cap Burnett (NCHS); Kevin Jones (MZHS); & DeTimothy Floyd (JHS) ).

Clayton County Athletics held their football media day on July 18, 2019, at Charles Drew High School. The nine high schools brought several players to discuss their hopes for the football season. The media coverage was covered by the Clayton News Daily and Real Talk Sports. Media Day had a common theme among all our teams. They all want to make a huge impact on all the positive things they will accomplish on & off the field.

Morrow’s Jabari Tucker, Anthony Brett, Owein Blas, & Javonte Chapman all stated people are “sleeping” on them. Jabari (WR/DB/#2) mentioned they are going to take one game a time. They contribute their mindset to leadership.
Charles Drew’s Tashawn Noah, Blake Page, Montrell Henderson, Quintrell Henderson, & Jyree Dodson. M. Henderson (OL, #63) says they are ready to conquer their region.
Riverdale’s Derwin Burgess, Phalon Daniels, Leo Riley, Kysen Hogan, Jaylin Finely, Chris Giles, & Tremain Moore. Daniels (RB, #9) stated their “Don’t Flinch” motto sums up everything they plan to accomplish this season on & off the field as a team.
Mundy’s Mill Ryan Nobles, Crushon Jackson, Corey Climpson, Cameron Barnes, Quinton Green, & Raheem Gaines all agree they want to pursue “greatness”. They stated the leadership is more student-lead, which they contribute to the cohesiveness of the team.

“Respect the Park” is the motto this year as Mitchell McLeod, Demetrius Taylor, & Eric Foster mentioned during media day. They are committed to the process of new leadership and plan to set the stage.

North Clayton’s Courtney Colbert, Onuma Dieke, Derrick Dixon, & Terry Essex represented at media day. They believe their team is more focused on competing this year. They stated their coaches have been pushing them to build character and lead by example.

Khalil Arnold, N’Zoyn Poole, Zion Nwokocha, Cornelius Edmonds, Xavier Sinkfield, & Barren Johnson are representing Lovejoy at media day. Arnold (QB) & Poole (WR) stated they are “hungry & ready for the state to know who they are as a team”.
Jonesboro’s Walter Forte, Rasheed Singleton, Eugene Orr, William Tims, & Isaiah Rice on media day. They contribute their team chemistry to playing together since 9th grade & sticking with the team.

Mt. Zion’s Kameron Wilson, Phillip Wilder, Keymareon Boone, Derionte Kemp, & Tyjuan Rogers at media day. Louisville’s commit Kameron Wilson (OLB) feels this is the best team from MZHS in years.

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2019 CCPS Football Media Day- Student-Athlete Participant

Drew HS

Jersey # Position Player Name Class
10 WR Skipp Noah Sr
6 QB/DB Blake Page Jr
63 Dl/OL Montrell Henderson So
60 OL/DL Quintrell Henderson Sr
7 DB/WR Jyree Dodson Jr

Forest Park HS

Jersey # Position Player name Class
2 WR Mitchell McLeod Sr
4 WR Demetrius Taylor Sr
21 Cornerback Eric Foster Sr

Jonesboro HS

Jersey # Position Player name Class
7 DB Walter Forte Sr
2 WR Rasheed Singleton Sr
62 OL Eugene Orr Sr
5 LB William Tims Sr
26 RB Isaiah Rice Sr

Lovejoy HS

Jersey # Position Player name Class
1 QB Khalil Arnold Sr
7 DB/WR N’Zoyn Poole Sr
8 LB Zion Nwokocha Sr
20 OLB Cornelius Edmonds Sr
63 OL/DL Xavier Sinkfield Sr
4 RB Barren Johnson Sr

Morrow HS

Jersey # Position Player name Class
1 WR/DB/QB/PR/KR Jimmy Calloway  SR
2 WR/DB Jabari Tucker SR
6 LB/RB Anthony Brett  SR
24 LB/RB Owein Blas  SR
79 OL/DL Javonte Chapman  SR

Mount Zion HS

Jersey # Position Player name Class
1 OLB                               KAMERON WILSON SR

Mundy’s Mill HS

Jersey # Position Player name Class
10 QB Ryan Nobles SR
6 RB Crushon Jackson SR
50 DL Corey Climpson SR
3 LB Cameron Barnes JR
61 OL Quinton Green SR
1 RB Raheem Gaines Sr

North Clayton HS

Jersey # Position Player name Class
5 QB/DB                               Courtney Colbert Sr
2 TE/DE Onuma Dieke Sr
7 ATH Derrick Dixon Jr
6 DL Terry Essex Sr

Riverdale HS

Jersey # Position Player name Class
2 Athlete Derwin Burgess Jr
9 Running Back Phalon Daniels Sr
72 OL/ DL Leo Riley Sr
15 RB/ OLB Kysen Hogan Sr
23 OL/ DL Jaylin Finely Jr
5 WR/CB Tremain Moore Sr